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W​​​​elcome to University of Surrey’s Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society (AHS). We're here to provide support and a voice for students on campus with no religion, faith or belief in god or gods. 


An atheist is simply someone who lacks belief in god, gods, or God with a capital G. Many atheists also lack belief in any supernatural claim, such as ghosts or fairies. Atheists hold these views for many reasons, but a common one is that they have never been presented with sufficient evidence. 


Humanists are people who want to live an ethical and good life, basing their morals and ethics on humanity and reasoning. They see it as especially important to be good to each other in this life, as it is the only one we have. 


Secularists hold that the best way to protect individual freedoms is to make the state and religions completely seperate. In this way, the state is free from religious influence, and religions are free from state influence, providing they keep within the law. There are atheist and religious secularist, and we welcome both at AHS. ​


While you're here, why not join our Facebook Page! Or contact us at ussu.ahs@surrey.ac.uk. 



We’re here to:

  • ​Provide a meeting place for those of no religious beliefs who still wish to discuss issues of faith
  • Inform and engage people with Humanist ideas
  • Engage in friendly and reasoned debate with other Faith societies
  • Invite guest speakers to discuss atheist, Humanist or secularist topics 
  • ​Provide a voice of o​​​pposition to any attempt to favour one religion over another, or none, within the University or Union
  • Engage in charitable work in and around the University
  • Hand out coffees, because everyone loves coffee!

The AHS Committee (2015-16).


​​President Seb Gould me in a tree.jpg

Being raised as a Jehovah's Witness I was never one to withhold my opinion, and now that I'm an atheist/humanist nothing has really changed (apart from my whole world view). My interests lie within the scientific method and the pursuit of knowledge. I am looking forward to being able to represent our university's AHS society. Also I'm Welsh.




peter t profile.jpg I'm up a fucking tree m8Secretary Charlie Tizzard Ó Kevlahan

I come from a Catholic background, I've never really been a believer (despite all the sunday school). Since coming to Surrey I've become much more active in the community off-line and have met plenty of great people because of it!
I'm the secretary so my job is to nag people and keep this ship afloat; despite that I'll spend most of my time simply trying to be nice!




Mark Profile.jpg Treasurer Roshni Modhvadia

And the paragraph: I'm a second year Liberal Arts and Sciences student, interested in faith, humanism, and the subsequent work of communities such as the AHS and Faith to Faithless. Raised in a fairly lax Hindu household, I would not class myself as 'ex-religious' or even a fully fledged Atheist. Instead, I am interested in the relationship between culture and religion, and the effect this has on everyday lives



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