The Electronics and Amateur Radio Society (EARS) aims to support students in exploring all aspects of electronics, amateur radio, and even space technologies. We do this via our Makerspace, Radio Shack, and all manner of taught courses and social events.

We welcome all students, regardless of their university course. If you have any interest at all in electronics, we’d be delighted to have you. Any questions you may have can be directed to our email:


The EARS committee ensures the society keeps running smoothly, and organises all the events and courses we offer. We have a committee member for each aspect of the society, so feel free to get in touch if you have queries relating to their area.

This year (2021/22), our committee is as follows:

President: Robert Petrie

Vice President: Sam Lane

Treasurer: Kieran Harrison

Electronics Officer: Will Pavey

Publicity Officer: Somesh Chakrabortty

Radio Exam Secretary: Neil Jones

Radio Officer: Patrick Hope

Space Officer: Konstantin Charkseliani

Sysadmin: Alexis Butler

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