Welcome to First Aid Society! We run weekly sessions that focus on all aspects of first aid from CPR to burns to mental health. We provide weekly training throughout the different aspects of first aid and scenario evenings to practice the skills our members have learnt. We also run events to raise awareness around the importance of first aid skills. We also provide members with the opportunity to join St John’s and learn more advanced skills.

Our committee

Zack Skeet – President

Hello! As the president I handle the day to day activities of the society and organise/plan events and the weekly meetings. I train members in various aspects of first aid, as well as being a member of the St John’s university unit where I practice first aid on events or carry out duties within the local hospital. I look forward to meeting new members and I hope you find the society informative and fun!

Sarah Hurden – Vice President

Welcome! As the vice president I also handle the day to day activities of the society and help organise fundraising events and assist in teaching first aid within the weekly meetings. I am also a member of the universities St John’s unit as a first aider and I can’t wait to meet all our new members!

Oliver Buttery – Treasurer

I am the treasurer for the society and I handle the societies finances. I am a paramedical sciences student at the university and I hope to see you at the society meetings!

Contact us or sign up!

Drop us an email at: ussu.firstaid@surrey.ac.uk

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