In Languages Society we’re here to celebrate everyone from all across the world! Only just starting in 2020, we’ve blossomed into a social community across many departments uniting those who have a love for languages – like hopefully you do! From languages cafes to meals out, we’ve got events for everyone.

What have we been up to?

With all the complications that 2020/2021 has given us we’ve not got out as much as we would’ve wanted; but that hasn’t stopped us! Zoom has helped us to keep connected through quiz nights, language taster sessions, movie nights, guest speaker talks and even by the end of it, a Spanish meal out in town.

Fingers crossed for this coming year for WAY more in-person social events! We can’t wait to see everyone 🙂


Here is our 2021/22 committee!

See our Instagram for an intro to who we are and what we’re like 🙂