As part of our goals and objectives, we want to make sure our members maximise the opportunities afforded by the Students’ Union. 

The University of Surrey Students’ Union provides students with great events, opportunities and a whole range of other facilities that most students never take advantage of. 

We are committed to making sure everyone knows about the Union’s role, what they can offer our members and what we can all get out of our Union membership.


Being a subject-specific Society, we have a natural duty to our Faculty. As part of that, it usually goes hand in hand with our committment to you. 

We are dedicated to ensuring events and opportunities offered by Faculty and the School of Law are advertised to our students, so our students themselves can benefit.

Development Plans:

About the USSU Law Society

The Law Society is here to support you through your studies socially and professionally. 

We are committed to ensuring there are social events to stave off stress, provide a place for you to relax and unwind, and to meet plenty of new people throughout the “best years of your life”. 

We’re also here to make sure there are plenty of opportunities for you to develop legal skills, meet professionals and legal experts, learn about the industry and the profession, and to bolster your CV with competition success and essential workshop opportunities.

We’ve made it a personal mission to ensure that “every student who wants one, leaves the University with a professional contact”.

The Law Society is also here to listen to you. Not only do we want consistent feedback from our members as to what events you want us to run, but we’re also here for you to voice your concerns and to take issues forward on your behalf.

We are indebted to our members. Our law students are the reason we’re here! We will make sure we always offer our students the best possible opportunity to develop professionally and to, ultimately, enjoy their time at the University of Surrey!

The Society Development Plan

All Societies submit a Society Development Plan to the Union, detailing the goals and objectives for the Society, identifying how they will achieve their aims and requesting funds from the Student Union to run their activities over the year. 

We have our Society Development Plan available for our student members to take a look at our objectives and how we aim to achieve them. 

We always welcome feedback from our members on our performance, how well we are achieving our objectives and how we can improve. 

Get in touch if you have any feedback, or want to suggest anything to the Society