Meet The Committee


It’s yaboi Tien (yes that is my real name – don’t ask me about DBZ and FPX), President of SVGS 2021/22 letsgoooooooooooooo. I primarily play competitive games but am always willing to play party and social games. I am hoping to create a friendly and welcoming environment for SVGS in face-to-face sessions as well as our online community. Jhin Zhao. Looking forward to meeting everyone :^)

Discord: tien#9109

Vice President

Hey, I’m Kush. I am a first year studying Physics and the Vice President of the society. You can usually not find me as I am always invis but just know I am probably around at degen hours. I mainly play League of Legends and Valorant at the moment but I’m always down to try new games. I’m hoping to have a lot more in person events this coming year so hopefully I can see you all then.

Discord:  DKRT#7470


Hello, Im this years Treasurer. My name is Lourenco and im portugese and a 2nd year Electronic Engineering student. Its my second year a commitee and last year I was technical supervisor. I normally go to thursday sessions where you will see me play VR or some Co-op PC games. As Treasurer, I am in charge of how the society spends money on. This includes new consoles, games, etc. for weekly sessions and any equipment needed for the society to function. If there is any doubts about the society please contact me using my discord. Hope I meet everyone at Lan and at Sessions! I hope I see new faces this year and playing just dance with anyone who dares!
If you have any suggestions on equipment and games that the society would benefit from do not hesitate to drop me a message.

Discord: Sea_Bebop#8008

Esports Coordinator

Toby: Hi I’m Toby (AKA Chebbz), I’m a 2nd year Maths student taking over as Esports Coordinator this year I’ve been competing for Surrey in Rocket League, Call of Duty & Sim Racing and am looking forward to another great year! I’m your guy if you wanna play any games competitively for Surrey no matter what game, your hours or rank. After getting close this year, I’m hoping we can win some trophies, bring home some jerseys and overall increase the participation and fun throughout! Drop me a message on discord for anything esports related!

Discord: BigChebbz#4941

Social Secretary

Hello everyone, I’m the new Social Secretary for 2021/22! My job is to organise more social events such as bar crawls and outings so everyone has a chance to meet each other and take a break from studying/gaming irl! I’m a pretty novice gamer so I don’t play a wide range of games, but I do know how to play a little league, though I generally stick to party games like Jack Box! If anyone has any suggestions for any social events they want to see happen, please feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to try and see what I can do!

Discord:  Yukasayshello#4167


I’m Reina, a 3rd year trying to survive aerospace engineering. I’m into producing, gaming, badminton and cats. Say motive and I’ll be there, If I can remember it. Don’t be shy and join the voice chats on our server if you see any of us!
Hope you enjoy your time in SVGS for the coming year!
Also send cat pics 🙂

Discord: spacieledesptel#1802

Technical Coordinator

“What’s up my name is Ross and I’m the new Tech Bitch round these parts, I’m a South African who recently moved to the UK. You will catch me around the in-person events setting up all the computers and games for our sessions as well as at LAN events. I am also active on discord doing stuff so if you need anything tech-wise feel free to message me I’m always happy to help. I Look forward to meeting all of you at the sessions!”

Discord: Tykes#2796

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