I have something I want to write about – what do I do?

Whether it is something in the news that’s got you thinking or a new TV show that you think everyone needs to hear about, whatever it is there is room for it at The Stag. All you need to do is click that “Pitch us” button and make ‘PITCH’ the subject. Tell us all about it and why it would be a great article to read and we will get back in touch to get started! We can’t wait to hear from you.

I am nervous to pitch – what is the process like?

After the initial pitch, we will get you in contact with the relevant editor. This editor will work with you to edit drafts of your article until you are both happy with the way it has turned out; your article will then be passed to our editor-in-chief and deputy editor who will get your article up onto our website and social media. Although it may seem nerve-wracking, our editors are fellow students who regularly write for The Stag so they will all be thrilled to be able to work through the article with you. Please don’t hesitate to email us at ussu.thestag@surrey.ac.uk or DM us on Instagram if you are worried or have any other questions!

How do I become a member?

Simply purchase your free membership on the Student’s Union’s website. It’s free so why not join! When you join you are added to our mailing list so you will be kept up to date with upcoming socials and opportunities to get involved in!

How do I find out about upcoming events and socials?

Any upcoming events and socials will be emailed to all our members so make sure you grab that free membership to be on our mailing list! They will also all be regularly advertised on our social media pages linked in the top corner of this page.