Friendly Match vs Guildford Ultimate

Team Surrey Ultimate

After a year of cancelled trainings, matches and tournaments, the first chance for TSU to play a competitive match was against Guildford Ultimate, our closest local ultimate club and good friends. Exams and Covid meant both teams weren’t fielding their strongest line-ups, however this provided a great opportunity for freshers in TSU to prove themselves up against much more experienced players.

The line-up for both teams were as follows:

  • Max Winokan
  • Iain Lee
  • Omar El-Ashmawi
  • Nicole Fok
  • Harsh Chudasama
  • Nick Adams
  • Charlotte Huddart
  • Rosie Nightingale
  • Thomas Butler
  • Zsazsa Kemp
  • Robert Bloomfield (Captain)
  • Will Horn
  • Billy Wretham
  • Jacob Beresford
  • Will Pavey
  • Ashley Long
  • Camilla Spearing (Captain)
  • James Robert
  • Freya Davies
  • Charlotte Marriott
  • Ed Shardlow
  • Nick Sweeting
  • Jack Fidler
  • Harry Fidler
  • Alicia Holmes
  • Bethany Fielding
  • Dan Finch
  • James Ball
  • Chris Moodie
TSU Team Photo (Left-to-Right) Top: Max, Billy, Thomas, Will H, Nick, Jacob, Bob, Will P Bottom: Harsh, Rosie, Nicole, Zsazsa, Claudia, Charlotte, Iain, Omar
GU Team Photo (Left-to-Right) Top: Chris, Ash, Ed, Nick, Harry, Charlotte, Bethany, Dan Bottom: James R, Alicia, Cam, Freya, James B, Jack

The game ended with GU scoring two quick consecutive points after both teams matching each other to reach 10-10. Both teams played to their strengths throughout the game. GU took advantage of their greater experience and the amazing weather conditions, throwing significantly more hucks to deep cuts, opting to end points more quickly and efficiently.

TSU, made up for what they lacked in experience by sticking to a more simple strategy, focusing on more on undercuts and high percentage throws, with the more experienced players handing allowing less experienced players to experiment with their cutting with the knowledge that they always had support behind them.

While all players on both teams played a very high standard throughout, with freshers especially playing more maturely than what could be expected, there were some standout moments to be remembered. Ashley Long took the moment of the match by a country mile with an amazing Greatest throw assist after being forced out the back of the end zone, sending the disk back into the pack of incoming GU players to score. Other notable performances include a layout D by Billy Wretham to deny a score, evidence of a fresher performing far above expectation. Additionally, GU’s women were the best at demonstrating their experience advantage over their TSU counterparts, playing a consistently very strong game, even occasionally with a gender mismatch.

Billy’s Layout D that put enough pressure to cause the end zone drop

Both teams will be extremely happy with their respective performances, and the opportunity to play such a spirited game in such great conditions won’t be missed. TSU will also be thankful for the game experience as they look to hold their own against a strong Graduate team next week at Grad Sport 2021.

A video of the game can be viewed on the TSU Facebook page here.

Iain getting tall for a bid

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