Our Committee cover a wide range of roles. From President to Outreach Officer, any member of the club can be on the committee. Win over the hearts of our members and you’re likely to be on the team! Our 2020/21 committee have both new and old members, using the experience of the older members, and the fresh minds of new members, we’re the perfect hybrid for developing a strong future in TSU.


Jay Robinson – As President, Jay oversees everything in the club ensuring all members are partaking in their roll correctly. He is responsible for the leading the committee and helping the club reach its goals.

Vice President

Tom Newitt – As VP, Tom attends appropriate meetings when Jay is unable to attend. Tom takes notes and produces documents in all meetings to ensure every member is aware of what is happening within the club. Whilst organising transport to tournaments, he also arranges the accommodation. 


Thomas Butler – As Treasurer, Tom looks after the books, maintaining an up to date debt list whilst chasing members to pay it off. He also creates invoices, and monitors the club money ensuring our spending is appropriate and budget.

Women’s Captains

Zsazsa Kemp & Harsh Chudasama – As Women’s Captains, Zsazsa and Harsh organise, lead and coach our training sessions. They make team selections, choose which tournaments we enter whilst maintaining a balance between seriousness and fun within the club.

Men’s Captain

Abel Csanaki – As Men’s Captain, Abel has to organise, lead and coach our training sessions. He makes team selections and choose which tournaments we enter whilst maintaining a balance between seriousness and fun within the club.

Men’s Vice Captain

Bob Bloomfield – Bob assists the captains in team decisions, whilst carrying out training sessions alongside Abel to ensure every player gets attention. Bob takes control when Abel aren’t around, whether that’s in training or on the pitch.

Tournament Director

Tom Newitt – As Tournament Director, Tom overseas the organisation of Slingfest, our yearly fun indoor tournament. He makes sure the tournament runs smoothly and the party is like no other.

Social Secretaries

Jake Beresford & Will Horn – As Social Secretaries, Jake and Will curate new socials, whilst maintaining the tradition of the old to build team chemistry and friendship. They also look after our members, ensuring they get home safe after nights out.

Social Media Officer

Billy Wretham – As Social Media Officer, Billy maintains the club’s active accounts. He also has to communicate with other companies to bring attention to our club, whilst trying to increase our intake of members using social media. 

Charity Officer

Charlotte Huddart – As Charity Officer, Charlotte creates charity events to raise money for a charity of our choice. This involves throw-a-thons and charity kit sales. She has started a new page of fundraising, cataloguing and display the various charity kit that’s available to buy here: https://www.facebook.com/tsu.fundraising/

Outreach Officer

Camilla Spearing & Billy Wretham – Camilla and Billy organise Frisbee training sessions at locals schools to encourage children to take up fitness and introduce ultimate to the new generation. They also works with the outreach bodies at the university to reach out to non-university people.

Welfare Officer

Bob Bloomfield – As our Welfare Officer, Bob looks after everyone in the club and works towards ensuring the club is as safe as possible.