Start Your Own Club/Society!

You can create a new Society at the start of the next academic year, from September 2022 onwards.

All official clubs and societies at Surrey are led by students and supported by the Union; if you can’t find the group you’re looking for, we can help you get one set up!

In order for a new club or society to be set up, you’ll need to be ratified – this is where the current club/society committees vote to approve the formation of a new group. This helps you identify whether your idea may overlap with an existing student group, and gives everyone the opportunity to discuss whether a new group is an effective use of the Union’s resources. Your VP Activity will be able to help you in the process – if you have any questions, please email

If you want to read about a new Society’s journey, read this blog from the Guildford Leos’s est. 2018 – Starting a New Society (The Guildford Leos Way)

How to set up a new sports club or society:

  1. Head to the bottom of this page to ensure your proposed sport or society is not listed as dormant. If it is, don’t worry, email VP Activity to hold an EGM and reinstate the club/society.
  2. If it is not already dormant, you will need to find at least 20 other students interested​ in your proposed society.
  3. Ask the 20 students to complete a form with their name, Surrey email, URN and signature; scan this in and fill out the ‘New Society Action plan’ (see files below). Then, send both forms to VP Activity
  4. VP Activity will invite you to present your ideas to the Activity Zone. At the meeting, the Zone will either vote to give it ‘zone ratification’ status, ask you to go back and reconsider the proposal, or say no outright.
  5. You will then be invited to Society Standing to request full ratification (approval), held monthly
  6. If ratified at Society Standing, you’ll need to book an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect the society committee (President, Vice-President, Treasurer). All AGMs must be advertised for at least 2 weeks. 


Typical reasons a society may not be ratified

  • the concept is too similar to an existing club or society
  • the concept is offensive/problematic
  • the concept is in conflict with the Unions charitable status

What’s the difference between a club or society?

Fundamentally, it comes down to funding and membership requirements. Clubs are funded by Surrey Sports Park (SSP) and as such all sports club members MUST pay a membership to Team Surrey as well as to their individual clubs. Societies are funded by the Union through the University subvention hence there is no additional membership fee. When deciding if you should be a sport or society it is all about what will give the best value to your members, at Surrey we have both active societies and sports clubs!

For your first year, you will be considered a society as Team Surrey club allocations will have already been formalised. However, if by the end of the academic year you consider changing status to a club, this would have to be decided at Sports Standing for the next academic year.

advertising your club or society

All clubs and societies are welcome to use all resources available to them to promote and advertise their club.

The Students’ Union enters each club and society into our list of clubs and societies once you’ve been ratified. Each club and society is given an email address for enquiries, as well as tools to create a website where you can explain to students what you’re all about! Many groups use the sites to promote their activities, show their current committee, explain their membership structure and announce new events. Alex has kindly created a set of videos to explain how to create a website for a club or society.

To allow students to purchase memberships and products, please follow this guide.

If you run into any issues, please email the digital experience team and we’ll get back to you and resolve your issue.

Restarting a dormant club or society:

Dormant clubs and societies are groups which used to be active but ceased existing. They remain dormant for 18 months and then will be deleted from our system entirely.

If you want to restart a dormant club/society, it is far easier than starting a new one from scratch.

Please email the VP Activity to enquire about the dormant club or society you wish to revive and make active again!

Society NameDormant Since
People and Planet10/05/2022
Indian Students Association (ISA)10/05/2022
Sikh Society10/05/2022
Biomedical Engineering Society10/05/2022
Composers Society10/05/2022
Turkish and Cypriot Society10/05/2022
THE Society10/05/2022
European Society10/05/2022
Surrey Greens10/05/2022
Commuters Society10/05/2022
Bhangra Society10/05/2022
ChemEng Soc10/05/2022
Engineers without Borders10/05/2022
Conservative Society10/05/2022
Kurdish Society10/05/2022
Consulting Society10/05/2022
Afghan Society25/05/2021
Polish Society25/05/2021
Barbershop 25/05/2020
Women in Physics 25/05/2020
Nigerian Society25/05/2020
Czech And Slovak Society25/05/2020
Material Science Society25/05/2020
Catholic Society25/05/2020
Surrey Writers25/05/2020
Dietetics Society25/05/2020
Pool and Snooker25/05/2020
Guildford Leo's25/05/2020
Brass Band25/05/2020
Albanian Society25/05/2020
Match Making 25/05/2020
Surrey Unicef25/05/2020
Student Action for Refugees (STAR)25/05/2020
Afro-Dance Society07/05/2019
Advertising, Marketing and PR Society07/05/2019
Fashion and Retail Society07/05/2019
Public Speaking Society07/05/2019
Brunei Society07/05/2019
Wake Club07/05/2019
Harry Potter Society 07/05/2019
Bible Reading Society07/05/2019
Game Of Thrones07/05/2019
Street Fitness07/05/2019
AL Magrib Union Society07/05/2019
Surrey Reproducibility
Surrey Liberal
Macao Society
German Soc
Formula One Society
Operating Department Practitioner
Taiwanese Society
Irish Dancing
Game Development Society
Incite Society
Wine Society
Humanist Students
Kite Surfing
Internation Women Society
Big Band
Table Tennis
Mah Jong