Academic Appeal 

What can I appeal?​

You can appeal an academic decision made by the University, such as the decision to terminate your course.

Course termination means that you have failed at least one module at the second and final attempt and you are no longer able to complete your course.

Other decisions that can be appealed include: penalties for academic misconduct, decisions about your progression and a rejection of a request for Extenuating Circumstances. You will need to read the Academic Appeal regulations for a full list of the decisions you can appeal.

IMPORTANT - Academic appeals need to be submitted within 10 working days of you being formally notified of the University's decision e.g. from the date on your course termination letter 

What grounds can I appeal on? 

You can make an academic appeal if you can show evidence of one or more of these grounds:

• that staff or bodies have not followed its approved regulations and procedures, or have not followed them with due care

• that staff or bodies have not acted fairly towards the student by showing or appearing to show bias in the way they have made the relevant academic decision

• that the student's performance was affected by extenuating circumstances that they could not report at the time for valid reasons, or were reported at the time and new evidence has since come to light, and that the extenuatin​g circumstances have not been taken into account in making the relevant academic decision. 

What do I need to do first?

First you need to read the University Regulations for Academic Appeals. We are happy to answer questions if there is anything you do not understand but as you are the one making an appeal it is important that you fully understand the University's requirements and procedures.

The Regulations for Academic Appeals, along with a video showing how to upload an appeal can be found on the web-site of the Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulations (OSCAR) - please see this link -


What Next?

Decide what grounds your appeal will be on. 

  • Write your statement – make sure you are clear about what you are appealing, on what grounds and the outcome you are seeking.

  • Gather your evidence. The burden of proof is on you as the student appealing, so it is vital that you have evidence to support your case.

  • Submit the online form. This can be accessed via Student Self-Serve. A video explaining the form can be found on the OSCAR website.​

I need further advice:​

You can make an appointment with one of our Academic Advice team. Appointments are for a maximum of 30 minutes, Monday - Friday 10-4pm.

Please email with the following information and attaching any relevant documents:​



Year of study

Details of your case, including grounds for appeal

Details of supporting evidence ​​

What you need advice on

Deadline for your appeal

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