The Students’ Union Annual Members Meeting will take place on the 11th of May at 5pm live online.

All students are invited to attend the meeting which is the Union’s version of an AGM.  The purpose of the meeting is for students to approve the Union’s budget and current policies for the year to come.

Students can also submit policy to the AMM. 

This is written in the following format:

  • This Union notes (the facts of the situation)
  • This Union believes (what you want the Union to think as a whole)
  • This Union resolves (what you want the Union to do).

The deadline for students to submit policy to the AMM was the 21st of April 2022

Policy should have been submitted to the Union Chair via email at

You can read examples of Union policy by looking through last year’s AMM papers

All students will receive a meeting request for the AMM via email to their student account before the event.

The papers for the meeting are available below

Join the Meeting

The link for joining on the night is here.