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​Ticket Questions

Q: I have bought my ticket how do I get into Rubix

You will need your campus card or alternative acceptable form of ID, please see our event policies (link event policies). To validate your ticket we will need to scan the QR code that you have been sent this can either be printed out or displayed on your mobile phone, please have your ticket ready when you approach the venue. Each QR is unique, untraceable and can only be scanned once. The QR code is your ticket treat this as you would a tangible ticket.

Q: The error message says 'There has been a small glitch'

This is an error message that comes up when the tickets that you have selected have all been sold out. We are working with tixtu to ensure that we can change that error message.

Q: My payment has been cancelled

Please check that your card details match the details that you are entering into the screen, specifically the three digit number on the back of your card and the address you have supplied needs to be the same as where you card is registered to.

Q: The account isn't registering as a member of the University of Surrey Students Union group

Please ensure that you are supplying your URN, the seven digit number below your name on your campus card. Please ensure that you date of birth is supplied in the following format DD/MM/YYYY e.g. 13/08/1992

Q: Can I re-sell my ticket?

Yes you can re-sell your ticket, however it must not be for more than face value, if the Students' Union discovers that an individual has been re-selling then that individual will face disciplinary action and risk their tickets being void.

Q: My account has been charged multiple times

This is likely to occur if you have tried to purchase tickets several times with an incorrect fraud protection details. For example CV2 number, your address or the 3D secure password. Your account will not be charged but it may appear to your bank that they have accepted several payments whilst non have actually been accepted.  To check how many tickets you have bought, you at your my tixtu and my history tabs in tixtu.

Q: The tickets are sold out on the website but will there be any more on sale?

No the tickets have been sold out unless previously advertised that staggered tickets will be used for that event. However customers have ten minutes to completed their transaction on tixtu once they have selected tickets so it is possible that after the ten minutes that those tickets will return online for general sale if they haven't been purchased.

Q: My confirmation email still hasn't been sent how do I know that I have tickets?

You will receive a payment receipt straight after purchasing a ticket, however during times of increased demand it may take up to an hour for the ticket (QR Code) to be generated and sent to you. If you want to check the tickets that you have purchased then click the my history tab.

Q: Can I get a refund?

We will not offer refunds for tickets except in very exceptional circumstances; accidental purchase is not sufficient grounds for a refund. Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations (link), event tickets are not subject to a right to cancel; therefore we do not have to offer a refund unless the advertised event has changed significantly.

You may sell re-sell your ticket for no more than face value, please see above.

If you have any further issues, please contact

This email will be monitored 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and up to 9pm on a ticketed event night.  

Trips and Activities Answers

Q: What is the Trips and Activities Programme?
​Your Students’ Union provides a wide variety of activities, experiences and events for you to get involved with – from craft workshops to trips abroad and everything in between.
These trips run on a 'pay as you go' basis. Which means you can get involved with as many or few as possible.
Q: How do I buy tickets for Trips and Activities? 
​Tickets for all activities can be brought from the Union Shop (unless stated otherwise), which is located in the main entrance to the Students' Union.
For most trips and activities you will need to register your details at the students' union reception before the event/trip. This is so we can contact you if details of the trip or activity change.
Some activities sell out extremely quickly so make sure you get yours as soon as possible to avoid disappointment
Q: Can I run a Trip or Activity?
​Any Club or Society can run an event for the Trips and Activities Programme:
Trips and Activities Programme
The Trips and Activities Programme provides a wide variety of activities, experiences and events for students to get involved with for student and a way to make the most of their free time. The Programme runs termly; in order to get your event in the programme follow the steps below, 3 weeks prior to the start of each term.
Some of the benefits of running an event/activity/trip through the programme include:
Publicity and Promotion
Freshers’ Publicity
Engage new students
Recruit new students
Staff Support
Make a profit
Do something new and different
What to do now:
1. a) Email the Activities Coordinator to discuss an idea
b) If you already know what you want to do email with the following information:
  • You name
  • Your Email
  • Your contact number
  • Name of Event/Activity
  • Timings
  • Location
  • Price
  • How you would like to sell tickets
  • Description for the Trips and Acitivites Programme
  • A Risk Assessment of the Trip or Activity
  • Max. no of students that can participate
2. Once confirmed (with Activities Coordinator), go ahead and organise your event. You will be responsible for all organisation. Trips and Activities Programme may be able to help cover the costs of your event
3. We can then promote your event (with your help) through the Union website, Union facebook page (we can make you an admin so you can invite more people etc.). Should the event be ticketed we can sell tickets in the Union shop.
If you have any questions or queries contact:
Activities Coordinator
01483 683920
Q: Is there a refund/cancelation policy?
If, for some unfortunate reason a trip or activity gets cancelled or postponed, you will be able to bring your tickets to the Acitivites Office for a full refund. We are unable to give refunds under any other circumstances.
Q: How can I get more information about upcoming trips and activities?
All Trips and Activities are listed here on the website. Or on the University of Surrey Students' Union Facebook Events Page.
You can join the mailing list or by emailing Or you can pick up a copy of the this terms programme from the Students' Union. Or pop into the Activities Office, which is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.
Q: I have an idea for a Trip or Activity, what should I do? 
You've got an idea for a Trip or Activity!
Brilliant! Please email it to or pop into the Union and ask to speak to Rachel!



Venue Answers

Q: It's my birthday. Can I get free entry? 

A: We operate a birthday guest list on Wednesdays and a VIP guest list on Fridays. You must arrive before 11.30pm if you are on the guest list.

For all guest list enquiries please email:

For Citrus on a Wednesday night, we offer entry for 6 persons:
Free entry for 6 persons
The Birthday celebrant is included in the six persons. i.e. birthday person plus 5 persons
And you have to be in before 11:30

For Flirt on a Friday night, we offer this fantastic Birthday experience all for only £40:
Bottle of Champagne with sparklers
Free entry for 8 people
Queue jump
Reserved roped off booth
Table service
And you must be in before 11:30

It’s an amazing new offer we do now for Birthdays, and we have already had a huge surge of students trying to book it before their birthdays. 

The VIP booths vary from a maximum of ​14 in a booth, to a minimum of 8. Each booth capacity also vary in price, with £40 for 8 people being the cheapeast.

A VIP booth can be booked regardless of whether its your birthday or not. Email for more enquiries.


 Q: I’m a student but not a Surrey Student. Can I come to your events?

A: If you are a student from another UK university you may attend our events using your own student card for entry (Proof of Age will be required - Passport/Drving License). ACM Students are allowed with ACM card and Proof of Age. College of Law students are allowed entry with College of Law ID and Proof of Age. If you are not a student then entry is not allowed to events unless a non-student ticket is purchased for you by a surrey student.

But I've got a foriegn student card will that be OK? Sorry, you will need a guest ticket as there is so much fake ID out there for none UK uni's.


Q: I’m not a student but my boyfriend/girlfriend/best mate is can I come - Guest tickets?

 A: Yes. But a non-student ticket must be purchased for you in advance for a Citrus or Flirt! event from the - tickets go on sale on Monday 8am for the forthcoming week.

‘Advance’ means before tickets go offline which is at 8pm on the day of the event.

On society nights e.g presha, Tease etc, it’s ok for non-students to buy tickets on the door until midnight as long as they are accompanied by a surrey student

Non-student tickets are limited to 100 tickets on Tixtu for both Citrus and Flirt. When these sell out unfortunately we cannot let any more non-students into the event.


Non-Students tickets cannot be purchsed on the door.


Q: Why wasn't I let in when the venue was still open?

 A: There could be many reasons. One may be that you've had a bit too much fun before you arrived at Rubix, another may be that the boxoffice has closed. We also operate a last midnight entry, and failure to adhere to this will result to you not being let in into the event. If you haven't got a ticket we're afraid you will not get let in after the box office closes.

At midnight if Rubix is not full (because often everyone with a ticket doesn't show up) tickets will be sold on the door. If we have reached maximum capacity, you will not be let into the venue.


Q: What is the venue's smoking policy?

 A: In line with the law, Union House is non-smoking.

Smoking is not permitted in any area within Union House. We have smoking areas outside Rubix which is treated as part of the venue. Living Room smoking area is outside the venue and ID may be required to regain entrance to the venue.


Q: What is the ID Policy for University of Surrey Students’ Union?

A: The Union operates a Challenge 21 policy.

The Union has the right to and may refuse admission to any customers who have consumed alcohol prior to arriving at the venue and who cannot provide valid ID proving that they are over 18 years old.

Students of the University of Surrey require their Campus Card to gain entry to events. Guests require proof of age and must be with the member who ‘signs’ them in.

Accepted forms of ID are: Driver's license (full or provisional), Passport and Prove It (with PASS hologram) ID cards. The Students’ Union accepts University of Surrey Campus Cards as proof of ID and age due to the checks completed by the University on issuing the cards. We do not accept any other University’s cards as proof of age or ID.


Q: What is Challenge 21?

A: If you are lucky enough to look under 21, you may be asked to prove that you are over 18, when you purchase alcohol.

If you are under 18 you are committing an offence if you attempt to buy alcohol and you may be ejected without a refund or held until a responsible adult can come and collect you.

People over the age of 18 found purchasing drinks for those not of legal age may be ejected without a refund.

Only acceptable forms of proof are accepted. These are listed under the ID policy.


Q: Can I bring food & beverages into the venue?

A: No food or beverages should be brought to the Union on events nights.  Of course during the day you are free to use Rubix for eating your sandwiches etc. Should you require the items for medical reasons please make this known to the security personnel on the front door who will contact the Duty Manager.


Q: I need to collect my tickets for the event, where do I go?

A: Tickets will be sent to your email right after you have purchased it. To validate your ticket we will need to scan the QR code that you have been sent this can either be printed out or displayed on your mobile phone, please have your ticket ready when you approach the venue.


For complimentary tickets on a Wednesday and VIP on a friday, please come into the Union and ask for Valentine. 


Q: Is there a dress code for events?

A: There are no restrictions with regards to clothing at most events but we're not a fan of flip flops. Occasionally we will have a dress code for events that must be followed (Graduation Ball).


Q: Is there a cloakroom?

A: There is a cloakroom in Rubix. It is able to take a limited number of bags. Large bags are taken at staff discretion.


Q: What do I do if I lose my cloakroom ticket?

A: No item will be given out without the matching ticket being presented unless authorised by the Duty Manager. If you have lost your ticket you will be asked to wait till the end of the event to collect your belongings.


Q: I have left an item in the cloakroom / lost items at an event what do I do?

A: Please contact the Union reception with a description of the missing item, date of the event and any other relevant information. We will check and if the item can be located will be in contact to arrange for you to collect the item.

Please email: or call on 01483 689223 (office hours).

The Union keep items for a maximum of 4 weeks.


Q: What time do the doors open / the show finish?

A: Door opening times will be printed on the tickets.

Late night events start and finish times differ and details will be on the tickets and the Union website / Facebook or the organisers’ website / Facebook.

For Citrus we normally open for 10:30pm and close for 2am while for Flirt we normally open for 11pm and close for 3am


Q: Is there an age limit for​ club nights?

A: Our club nights are for over 18’s only.

If you are under 18 years of age we are sorry but you cannot attend our club nights until you reach 18 years of age. If you are a student of the University of Surrey please contact us and we’ll give you free entry for your 18th.


Q: Is there an age limit for concerts?

A: Please check the individual event for age restrictions.

If under 18’s are allowed anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.


Q: What are the restrictions on alcohol if under 18’s are present?

A: If under 18’s are present in the venue alcohol sale and consumption is restricted to certain areas of the venue. The dancefloor is generally a no-alcohol area.


Q: What are the rules on bringing Prescription Drugs & Medication to the Union?

A: We discourage bringing medication to the Union; however do understand that for some people this is a necessity. Please contact the Union in advance.


Q: What should I do if I have an issue whilst at the Union?

A: If you have a complaint about the venue or event please speak to a member of security who will try to assist and in turn, if necessary, contact a Duty Manager immediately during the show and the issue will try to be resolved.  Most Wednesdays and Fridays St. Jon Links are in attendance.

Complaints after an event should be sent in writing (via email) directly to the


Q: Can I leave the venue to go to the shops / cash machine etc?

A: We operate a no re-entry policy. If you leave the venue for whatever reason, you will not be let back into the venue. You can always speak to security, then the Duty manager will then make a decision. A cash machine is located just outside of Rubix main entrance, the cash machines can be used without leaving the venue.


Q: Will there be strobe lighting during a show?

A: Yes, the Union does use strobe lighting in Rubix and The Living Room.


Q: Who is the security provider for the Students' Union?

Q: Why do some people seem to ​ignore the Rubix queue and go straight in?

A: Probably because they do.  We run a guest list for virtually all events.  On this list will be people celebrating their birthday on Wednesday, VIP on Friday, executive officers, competition winners, people with Q-Jump tickets, off duty staff (who've worked in Rubix that week) and a few others.  This list can get rather big, for example on Jan 27th 2012, Jaguar Skills, the guest list was 166 people.


Other Question


1) Who can hire Rubix or The Basement?

Any society or club. Only a signatory can make the booking, but they must be aware that they are booking it on behalf of the whole club or society. You can hire the The Basement independently. If you hire the Basement as individual student and not through a club or society you will be personally responsible for the costs and will be asked to pay a deposit. You cannot hire Rubix as an individual for personal gain. 


2) We would like to put a band in the Basement, is this possible?

Unfortunately the Living Room is not suitable for hosting a live band.


3) Can we let members of the public (non-students) in?

The general policy for guests for society events is as follows.  Each member (campus card holder) can bring two guests.  For open public events please contact the venue office for further information.


4) Do we have to clean the venues when we finish?

Although you don't have to do any cleaning, if you put up any decorations, balloons, banners, etc, then you will be expected to remove them at the end of the night, additionally if you were to help the staff working then that would greatly assist them. The dressing room must be left how it was found.


5) We would like to hire a chocolate fountain/casino/karaoke, etc

We can source all these for you and provide prices.


6) Can we sell food in the Living Room?

It is possible that Young's Kitchen can be open to sell food inside the Living Room during your event. However if you wanted to include the price of food in the ticket price, you would run a risk of covering the catering cost yourself. If you want to use an outside catering company we must see licensed food hygiene certificates before the night.



7) Can we have drinks promotions?

It is possible to organise drinks promotions through us. Please contact but remember this will impact on how easily you reach the bar tariff.


8) We wish to do the event on behalf of a charity?

It is possible to give money to charity; however this must be directed through the RAG (Raising and Giving) committee. Contact

9) Can we give away alcohol as prizes?

You can give away alcohol as a prize, but if the alcohol is to be consumed during the event, we will charge you corkage. Please remember that we encourage responsible drinking at all times.


10) What if you don't want to do a club night with a bar?

It is possible to use the venue for none club nights e.g. fashion shows, games nights, dance shows etc. We would usually require these events to finish around 11pm and if there is no bar open tariffs will not apply. However sometimes there may be an additional cost for a Duty Manager / Security.  




Alternative venues and rooms


If you decide Rubix / Living Room are not suitable for your event, there are some alternatives available. Wates House / Hillside: these are not part of the Students' Union. Please contact




It is possible to book one of the central teaching rooms through the online booking system. You need to head to the Committee Resources section of the and complete the Room Booking form. It normally takes two working days for you to receive a confirmation and you need to give at least one week's notice to book one of these rooms. It is not possible to take food and drink into these rooms so if you were planning on having an event with food then you would need to book somewhere else, or request one of the foyer areas (Management School Foyer, Lecture Theatre Concourse etc). Please note that only signatories can book rooms.


 If you need furniture placed or moved as part of your request (i.e. removing raked seating where possible in AP) then please let the Activity Assistants know as they will need to contact Estates and Facilities. There may be a charge to do this. If you request any Audio-Visual equipment not fitted as standard to a room then you will need to contact Audio Visual Services (AVS) once you have the room confirmed to arrange this. ​






Got a question that you can't find the answer to? Post it on our facebook wall or email