Policies and Governing Documents

As a charity that works for its members (the students of the University of Surrey), the Students’ Union has a range of policies which set out: our approach to different topics, who is responsible for each process, and what you can expect from us.

On this page, we’ve gathered together all active operational policy and governing documents. This does not include political policy which sets the Union’s opinion on a particular topic; these are governed by student committees such as Exec or the Annual Members’ Meeting.

Governing Documents

Governing documents form the ‘rule book’ for the Students’ Union: they set out our charitable obligations, structure, and rules that govern how the Union does business.


Disciplinary Policy

The Union may take disciplinary action where the student’s behaviour has affected:

  1. Another student or union employee
  2. Members of the public
  3. Others visiting, working or studying at the University
  4. The reputation of the Student’s Union

In addition to misconduct which happens within the Students Union or during Student Union activities, the Union may take disciplinary action in response to misconduct which takes place on social media or the digital environment.

The Our Disciplinary Procedure governs how the Union undertakes disciplinary action in relation to students.

Policy on Explicit Language in Songs

This Policy sets out the Students’ Union’s expectations of DJs at Union events in relation to songs which contain explicit/stigmatising language.

Privacy Policies

One of our responsibilities is to tell you about the different ways we collect and use your personal data. The below links detail our Privacy Statements categorised via ‘Zone’ (Activity, Community, Support and Voice), alongside a ‘Central Services’ statement detailing Finance, Legal and HR.

Our Privacy Policies set out how we collect and use your data.