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Surrey Decides is our annual Students' Union election where you select the team that will lead the Union next year. 



Looking for the Black Students' Liberation Rep Byelection? Click here


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The Roles

The Union is led by a team of 26 Officers, including full-time Sabbatical Officers ('Sabbs' - the 4 VPs and President) and part-time Officers. These Officers work in  four Zones - each one for a different aspect of student life:

  • Voice for students that have something to say. We're the Zone that lead on democracy, student opinion, and ensuring national representation for Surrey students.

  • Activity for getting involved in clubs and societies, and supporting your personal development. We're the Zone that helps support student groups, remove barriers to participation, and create opportunities for students that want to develop themselves.

  • Support for students who are passionate about supporting others, and creating opportunities for other students to support one-another. We're the Zone that covers equality and diversity, support for wellbeing, and operates academic advice at the Union. 

  • Community for bringing students together and finding a home away from home. We're the Zone that organises showcase events, represents students in the local community, and lead on things like volunteering and fundraising. 

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Want to find out more about each Zone? Just follow the buttons below:

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Role Descriptions

The 26 Officers that lead the Union have different roles and responsibilities. If you'd like to find out more about each role that's availible, check out the relevant descriptions below.


Activity Zone Roles 2019.pdf Community Zone Roles 2019.pdf
Support Zone Roles 2019.pdf Voice Zone Roles 2019.pdf
President 2019.pdf Union Chair 2019.pdf


If you're thinking of running, it's worth getting in touch with this year's Officer team or visiting the Students' Union in person.

Key Dates

The dates below are for the main Surrey Decides elections. For the Black Students' Liberation Rep elections, click here.

Nomination Period: 10th Feb - 6pm 19th Feb

If you're thinking of becoming a candidate in Surrey Decides, you must submit your nomination within this timeperiod. 

Rules Briefing: 20th Feb - 6pm

This is a session for all candidates to brief you on the essentials and rules during Surrey Decides. This session will be recorded and all candidates must confirm that they agree to the rules in order to run.

Candidate Academy: 22nd Feb

This is an optional session for all candidates to share tips and tricks about running a successful campaign. 

Manifesto & Ballot Photo Deadline: 26th Feb - 9am

For your manifesto and photo to appear on the voting page or in our elections guide, you must submit it by this deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Campaigning: Noon 26th Feb - 6pm 7th March

Between these dates, candidates can campaign on campus (excluding prohibited areas explained in the rules) and online. Voting takes place after the end of Question Time on 3rd March until 6pm 7th March.

Question Time: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd March 7pm

Question Time is an opportunity for all candidates to share their ideas and take questions from students in a debate setting. Question Time is optional but highly recommended.

Voting: 3rd March - 6pm 7th March

Voting in Surrey Decides 2020 opens after the last Question Time until 6pm on 7th March. To cast your vote, follow the unique link sent to your Surrey email or visit the homepage at

Any questions? Email us at 

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