Academic Advice

Our advice team will be on leave between 24th December – 4th January and we will not be able to provide any advice in this time. We will respond to all emails on return but in the mean time, we hope these pages will help. You can check out our SurreyLove pages for specific advice around January exams and assessments.

The Students’ Union provides impartial advice to any students who need support with Uni policy/regulation. We’re not a University department, and that means our advice is completely independent.

If you don’t know the exact process that relates to your circumstances, just answer these quick questions and we’ll direct you to the right place.

Throughout January, we are offering additional support to students with EC queries. You can book in for a quick 10 minute Teams appointment with an advisor here.

You can also come along to one of our Drop-Ins, every Tuesday and Thursday, 2-4pm in the Hive (from 4th – 29th January)

If You Know Which Process Applies To You

These are the academic University processes with which we can support you – click the link to open one of our guides:

Find The Right Advice For You

To help us give you the right information, we just need to ask a few quick questions:

How our team can help

Our Advice team are able to:

  • explain the process you are going through and help you to navigate the University’s regulations
  • read draft statements for appeals or panels etc
  • read evidence you intend to submit to support your case
  • accompany you to meetings

The Advice team cannot:

  • make your case for you
  • contact external parties on your behalf (such as doctors or employers)
  • speak on your behalf in a panel or meeting
  • provide legal advice

Our Advice team at the Union can also discuss your particular circumstances with you and can arrange appointments to talk through anything in more detail. If you need to get in touch with our team, please email