Meet A Mate

Looking to chat with someone new at Surrey? We’ve got your back.

It can be hard to meet new people at Surrey, and so we’re making it easy to spend around 30 minutes with someone new. All you need to do is give us a little information about yourself – we will then match you up and send a Teams meeting link to you and another student from across the University.

To support our postgraduate, mature, commuter, and parent/carer communities at Surrey, you can add options of who you wish to meet. Perhaps another commuting student, or another parent?

Staying in Guildford over the Winter Break? Meet A Mate: Here over the Holidays has launched! Meet other students who are also staying in Guildford – click here for the link!

Are you comfortable that we share your data?

This service requires the use of personal data to generate results for each user. This information is also shared with their "matches", and in signing up to the service you agree for the following data to be processed:

  1. Your given name
  2. Your Surrey email address
  3. Your Department
  4. Your level of study
  5. Your declared interest in meeting other commuters/mature students/masters' students/PGRs/parents or carers
  6. Your interests

(Please note: the data in sections 1,2,3 and 4 are already available through the University of Surrey Outlook Address Book).

Section 5 and 6 require additional personal information that is not automatically available. Users are able to leave these fields blank, however, they will produce less tailored results. For the service to work as intended, please complete all fields.

In compliance with GDPR, we will remove your data from our "Meet A Mate" database after 28 days (four weeks) of inactivity, however, your data will still be available to an automated scripting account, yourself, and each match. Emails and Microsoft Teams messages will be sent to matched users' accounts containing this information, which will remain until deletion, or the user no longer studies at University of Surrey.