NoMore Week

This page is currently under construction – check back soon to see the events we have planned for #NoMore week, starting 14th March 2022

NoMore week is our Union campaign which says NO MORE to sexual violence, harassment and abuse for all students. NoMore week is a Support Zone campaign which supports our whole Union campaign on Women’s Safety. However, NoMore week is about supporting all of our students, not just women, and is about making campus safer for everyone.

Why is this campaign important?

Because one sexual assault, harassment and violence is one too many for us, and we want to make campus safer for everyone. Did you know:

  • 75% of students have had an unwanted sexual experience at least once
  • LGBTQ+ students are more likely to experience domestic abuse than any other liberation group
  • 20% of men, and 4.7% of men nationally have experienced some form of sexual assault or rape since the age of 16
  • Disabled students are likely than students with no known disability, to experience several forms of domestic abuse.

More importantly, at the University of Surrey:

  • 15% of Surrey students say they feel unsafe in and around campus
  • 10% of Surrey students have experienced sexual assault or rape. 7% have experienced abuse and 14% have experienced sexual harassment.
  • In 20/21 there were 78 reports of harassment, sexual assault and violence or, relationship abuse at the University of Surrey.

We think one student is too many. We want to make campus safer and say NoMore to sexual violence, harassment and abuse.

What is being done already?

As part of the Women’s Safety Priority Campaign, your Union have already worked on several things to make campus safer:

  • Providing more communications to students about how to report, who to report to, and what happens when you report
  • Trained two members of staff to be SVLOs (Sexual Violence Liaison Officers)
  • Turned more lights on around Guildford and Campus, including Yorkies bridge
  • All students attending ILoveTour have to complete the consent course and bystander training
  • Lighting up the lake
  • Providing temporary key cards for students locked out of Manor Park
  • Consent course is now criteria for Societies Stars
  • Staff are now trained in Stalking Awareness in Education
  • Providing personal safety alarms
  • Purchasing drug testing equipment to identify spiking (arriving late March 2022)

But, we know there is always more to be done, so we are also working on the following things, and asking the University to work with us to do more

  • Providing a safety tool kit for our students who engage in sex work
  • Training four more University staff to be SVLO’s (Sexual Violence Liaison Officers)
  • Ensuring the victim/survivor voice is heard more when reporting
  • Continue to ask students to take the Consent Course and #MakethePledge
  • Continue to address streetlight need, particularly around Manor Park and Hazel farm
  • We would like the university to commit to signing the pledge for no Non-Disclosure Agreements to students who experience sexual violence
  • Consent course to be mandatory for all students at pre-registration*
  • Asking you to write to the council regarding street light need

*except those who may find it triggering who that have valid reasons

How can I get involved in noMore week?

We will have lots of events throughout the week which you can get involved in and make positive change to make campus safer for everybody. Alongside our events, you can get involved in the following ways:

  • Take the consent course and #MakeThePledge for a Safer Surrey for all. You can find more information on the consent course here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the unique code to take all three modules.
  • Join us in our Light Up the Night march, followed by our Light up the Lake event. On Monday 14th we will be walking to Stag Hill campus, from Manor park and from Town, to the lake on campus. We want to reclaim our streets. You can find out more under ‘events’. You can also join CraftSoc in their event next week, making plaques and signs for LUTN.
  • Share information on Report+Support on socials. Report and Support is the Universities reporting tool for any sexual misconduct, violence, and assault. The University and SU have a zero tolerance to sexual violence and misconduct, but are led by the reporting person as to actions forwards. You can report anonymously or with your name, and you can also find out more information about support services available if you are a survivor. The more students who share Report+Support, the more we can do.
  • Join our events! Like bystander intervention and active listening, to be able to better support other students in difficult situations.
  • Write to your MP and ask them to make street lights a priority for students. Ask them to keep more lights on in your area of Guildford to make streets safer.

What events are happening?

Click on our calendar to see what is going on throughout the week

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Support Available for students

We know that for some students, the content of NoMore week will be difficult. You can find more support here, with specific sections for students who have been survivors of sexual assault, harassment or abuse. We also have support available for students who have been survivors of domestic abuse. Additionally, our SVLOs are trained in supporting students who have been survivors.

Come along to the wellfair

The WellFair is part of your VP Support’s manifesto this year – making the support services at University, the Union and locally, more accessible to you as students. Come along to the Wellfair on Thursday 17th March, 10am – 4pm in the Hive and meet the faces behind your support services.

With a focus on saying NoMore to sexual violence and abuse, we welcome additional services to the Wellfair in March, including the Surrey SARC, RASASC, Catalyst and South West Surrey Domestic Abuse outreach services.