Surrey Love

Surrey Love is here to support you through your exams. We know that exam periods can be stressful, so we are here to help you achieve your full potential. We will be running free wellbeing sessions; providing revision tips and top tips for exam success; and providing drop-in sessions to give you advice if you need it.

Surrey Love provides students with practical advice and guidance through January exams, Summer exams and Late Summer Assessments. 

extra Revision space

Hillside will be open from 8am – 8pm with half-price tea and coffee all day. They’ll also have smoothie bikes from 9.30am – 11am and 2.30pm – 5pm each day. They’ll also be serving £2 hot dinners from 5pm – 7pm daily, to keep you energised and fuelled throughout the exam period.

Library+ will no longer be available for revision but we have introduced new spaces to the library and opened MySurrey Spark for additional University space, as well as Hillside and your usual study spots! Study spaces | Study | MySurrey Bookable study rooms will be available for up to 6 hours. If there are no bookable spaces available, please email the Library and they will see if an alternative space can be found.

Online exams

Top tips for online exams

  • Choose where you do your exam carefully and make sure that you have somewhere quiet to study with minimal distractions.
  • You will need good and reliable WiFi/internet connection. If you aren’t on campus and can’t study at home, have you thought about checking out a local library or another community space? If you have wifi issues on the day, try not to panic – follow our EC guide if this happens or email
  • Remember you have bibliU for your textbooks
    – Check you have access to material beforehand
    – Let the library know ( if you don’t have access
  • Organise your notes. It can be tempting to have too many notes when you have an open book exam. Try and keep your notes concise and organised and make sure your notes are in your own words so you avoid accidently plagiarising.
  • Breathe and take your time
  • Take a break every question or so if you need to or can
    – In most cases you have 24 hours to complete your exam, so use them
  • Don’t feel guilty about sleeping. You can always read over work the next morning with a fresh pair of eyes. The 24 hour exam period is set this way to enable all students to have a rest and you are not expected to be working this whole time. Breaks are very important.

Where to take your online exam?

Location: At Home:

  • Choose your location (your room, a study, dining room…)
  • Declutter the chosen space with minimal distractions
  • Communicate to the other members in your household of the times that you will be having an exam. You might want to ask them to use the internet less during this time if your connection is not stable.

If you decide to take your exams in the library:

  • Bring food and drink to the last day
  • Bring plenty of layers or a blanket (the Library can get cold due to ventilation)
  • Get there with plenty of time and remember you can book out a space if needed.

If you decide to take your exam at your University address:

  • Tell your housemates when your exams are, so that they know not to disturb you. You might want to ask them to use the internet less during this time if your connection can be unstable
  • Make sure you have lots of healthy food in the house, and snacks to keep you going

If you are being disturbed whilst studying/revising on campus

If you are disturbed by any work being undertaken by our Estates team during the exam period – for example mowing of the grass – please contact the EFCS help desk on 01483 689230 and the team will respond as a matter of priority. You can also call this number if you are disturbed by noise at night as calls are answered 24/7 and handled by our security team out of hours

Technical Difficulties during an exam

  • First thing to remember is not to panic! The University know and anticipate these things might happen so it is important that you follow these steps if it does:
  • Take a note of the time that the issue happened. If you can, take a photo on your phone or screenshot of the issue as evidence
  • Email your faculty hive when the issue happens. Let them know what happened and how it impacted you. / /
  • Wait until the end of the exam to EC – you might find that you only lost 10 minutes which you can make up. Putting in an EC too early might void your attempt, so make sure you know you need to EC before submitting
  • If you believe that the technical difficulty impacted your exam, you can then submit an EC. You won’t be able to self-certify, so you will need evidence. Your evidence should be the email you sent to your faculty hive at the time, along with any other screenshots or photos you took at the time.

Remember ECing an exam will defer the exam to the next assessment period, which may mean taking the exam again in August. So make sure you need ECs first – you cannot take an EC away once it has been approved.

Support available throughout exams

  • Contact if in doubt about ECs or academic regulations
  • Contact your Personal Tutor or Senior Personal Tutor
  • Centre for Wellbeing (01483689498, if you are struggling with your wellbeing
  • Disability and Neurodiversity for any adjustments needed: Academic Skills and Development | Study | MySurrey
  • Academic Skills and Development if you need help with academic writing or referencing: Academic Skills and Development | Study | MySurrey
  • Togetherall ( – Previously known as Big White Wall
  • Nightline Email is available throughout exams 24/7 (log into and visit the Nightline page)
  • Student Minds Charity (
  • Samaritans (Call 116 123, this service is 24/7 and free). Samaritans are also on campus every week day, 3 – 5pm in the Hive, from 16th May until the end of term.