About Us

Theatre Society – Theatre for Everyone

Weekly Sessions – 6 to 8 – Every Wednesday

We are the USSU Theatre Society, it’s our goal to make theatre as accessible as possible to everyone at the University of Surrey. Performing on stage can be quite a daunting prospect to many people, through our workshops we want to help build our members confidence and skills and to encourage them to enjoy performing to others. Regardless of who you are or what you go on to do performance skills will always be a useful tool in your arsenal.

We try to provide as many performance opportunities to our members whenever possible, be it through smaller performances run by our members, open nights where you can show off any new projects you have been working on or taking part in our main show of the year we will have something you can take part in and enjoy!

Come over to one of our weekly sessions, every Wednesday from 6-8PM and check out our social media pages for regular updates. If you have any questions, have a project we may be interested in or want to take part in our activities please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Meet the Committee

Harry Hunter – President
Tom Good – Vice-President
Victor Poland – Treasurer

Upcoming Events

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