Welcome to Team Surrey Trampolining

At Team Surrey Trampolining, we believe in inclusive sport that caters to all abilities. We are one of the biggest indoor sports clubs at Surrey. 

  If you have never bounced before, you will enjoy our beginner’s programme led by our fully qualified student coaches. We are all very friendly and understand how to progress you to experience the real joy of bouncing and the thrill that it can give you, whilst helping with your fitness. Don’t forget we started where you are too. 

For those members that want to be part of the competition team, you will enjoy a coaching programme led by our professional, high-performance coach, supported by external and student coaches. We take part in Southern University League (STL), VARSITY, and BUCS events.  There is no pressure to compete. If you simply want to bounce for fun, you can! Our aim is to help you learn new skills and have fun in a friendly, relaxed environment. 

Stay Connected

Microsoft Teams

To communicate with our members we use Microsoft Teams. You can access Teams by using it in your browser or by downloading the application, both can be done here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-teams/log-in and we also have a short video on our YouTube channel showing you how to use Teams.

Following your membership purchase, you will be added to the Trampolining team automatically. This is where you will see updates about training, competitions, socials and other events. You will also be able to contact the committee members through Teams.