Welcome to the Surrey Veterinary Society – the largest and greatest society that Surrey has to offer

What we do

Joining VetSoc is by far the easiest way for any Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Biosciences student to ensure that they get the most of the Vet School experience. No matter whether you’re more academically minded, love a good piss up or just want the opportunity to create great memories with like-minded people, there is quite literally something for everyone.

“I’ve never really been very social and have always struggled making new friends, but VetSoc has changed all of that for me, I now almost religiously go to all the events and consistently create some of best memories with people that I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life.”

Andrew Turley – 4th year Veterinary Medicine Student

Things to look foward to

  • Vet Freshers – If you’re new to Vet School then there is no better way to settle in and make new mates than attending Vet Fresher events. This is the week after freshers and gives you a great chance to meet students in other years – it is jam packed with alcoholic and non-alcoholic occasions but we will crash some of your lectures closer to the time to explain all.
  • Pub Crawl – To finish off Vet freshers with a BANG we will be hosting the traditional themed bar crawl (themes yet to be decided) – this event is open to all years and will obviously start in the usual way with drinking games in a car park before we storm Guildford and teach the locals that vets are made of different gravy.
  • Return Ball – you’ve been asking for it, we’re delivering it. After being caged up for so long, its finally time to let off an unholy amount of steam in true VetSoc fashion. Dig out your gowns and bow ties and get ready to make a fool out of yourself whilst dressed to impress – Tickets will be harder to come by than hairs on Chris Proudman’s head so be sure snap one up if you can!
  • Educational Talks – it goes without saying that we will continue to run vet-related educational talks throughout the year for those of you for whom the lectures just don’t quite scratch your educational itch – be sure to come along and join your fellow nerds in filling your heads with an almost infinite variety of topics (usually accompanied by free pizza).

VetSoc Sports Teams

The VetSoc sports teams are another great way to get together as vets and have a good old time. What we often lack in quality we make up for in spirit. Although we may not be as good as the uni teams, there is no other vet school in the country that comes close to our sporting prowess and if you don’t believe us then just come along to the annual Vet School varsity vs RVC where we embarrass them year upon year with crushing defeats.


At VetSoc we recognise that it’s not always fun and games; sometimes the workload or individual circumstances can all become just a bit too much and so for that reason we place great emphasis on our members’ mental health. That is why we have our own well-being officer Jess Duke and the well-being team who commit huge amounts of their own time to a large variety of projects which are a great way to take yourself out of the hustle and bustle of vet school life and just enjoy a good old fashioned cheer up. From plant giveaways to healthy recipe ideas there is always something to keep you busy. Jess is currently spending her free time weeding the Wellbeing Garden which is always looking for volunteers and is a great excuse to get outside and get your hands dirty, but even if gardening isn’t your thing it’s a great place to just go and chill out.

Just scratching the surface…

As we said at the start, VetSoc is the largest and greatest society at Surrey and we have so much more to get involved in! VetSoc runs a number of smaller more niche societies such as Equine Clinical Club, the Zoological Society, Farm Animal Veterinary Society and more. We also work with our AVS and IVSA reps who organise amazing opportunities to meet other vet students from all over the globe. So seriously, there is too much to VetSoc to list here on the web page, so sign up and become a member and we promise you, you will never be bored!

Our Socials

Remember this is a society, not a dictatorship! If you have any ideas, propositions or are furious about something we have/haven’t done then let us know either on Facebook or Instagram or by emailing us via the link below.

Our faces

Here are our faces so that if you see us around and about in the vet school you can come and say hi!