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What is an AGM?

AGM stands for Annual General Meeting and is held to elect the signatories and committee members of each club and society for the coming year, to discuss what the group has achieved and future plans.

Why do clubs and societies need to hold an AGM?

Student groups must hold a valid AGM to remain active.  If you do not hold a valid AGM during AGM season, you will go dormant and won't be able to do any student activity. 

What is a valid AGM?

A valid AGM needs to have at least 10 students present, including the current signatories.  It is in your interest to try to make sure that as many students attend as possible as AGMs generate interest in your student group.  Attendees do not need to be members of your club or society.  You can view additional rules and information about who can attend an AGM and who can vote, in the SU byelaws.

What do I need to know about AGMs this year?

In this unique year, all AGMs are being held online via Microsoft teams.  You will need to book your AGM online via this form which is also linked below.  After making your request, please wait to receive confirmation of your AGM and a link to the meeting online, which will be advertised by the Union – you should also share this link with your members.  All AGMs will be attended by Union officers who will run the election process.  Elections will be done online during the meeting, with results also announced in the meeting.

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The AGM booking period starts on the 11th of January and closes on the 8th of February, for all clubs and societies. 

AGM season starts on the 1st of March, pauses on the 26th March for the Easter break, starts again on the 19th of April and finishes on the 7th of May.  The Students' Union holds its AGM (known as the Annual Members' Meeting) on the 13th of May.

All sports clubs should hold their AGM before the 26th of March, keeping in mind not to book it on the 24th of March due to Varsity.

All societies can request to hold their AGM any time between the 1st of March to the 26th, and then after the Easter break, the 19th of April to the 7th of May, but please remember that the dates after Easter are likely to be busier, so we recommend that if possible you do not leave your AGM booking too late.

You should not attempt to book your AGM after 9pm in the evening or on a weekend. Please remember that your booking request is not final until it is confirmed.

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I want to set up a new society and have it ratified – can I still do this?

You can still start a new society – the opportunity for ratification is the Society Standing Committee in early February.  If you are ratified at that committee, you have until Friday the 19th of February to hold an EGM to set up your society, you will then need to also hold an AGM during the AGM season as described in this guidance.

I want to re-start a dormant society – can I still do this?

Starting up a dormant society means that you need to hold an EGM.  The Union has a cut off point for EGMs to take place which is the 19th of February.  Because EGMs need a 2-week advertising window, you must have notified us that you need to hold an EGM by the 5th of February.  If you do not hold an EGM by the cut off point, the society will remain dormant until the next academic year.

Societies who have recently held EGMs will still need to book an AGM during AGM season as per this guidance because all active clubs and societies need to hold an AGM during AGM season in order to remain active.

What happens in our club or society goes dormant after the cut off point for EGMs and before AGM season?

If someone steps down from a signatory role after the EGM booking cut off point (5th February) that club or society can continue to be active until AGM season and are only required to hold a valid AGM to continue.  This is a provision we have put in place this year only.

I need further information:​

If you have any further questions about your AGM, please contact the Student Voice Manager on 

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