The Liberation Network

At the Students’ Union, the Liberation Network is there to ensure that every year, we’re hearing the experiences of different sections of our student community and make sure that everyone is represented here at Surrey. Whether you’re a non-UK student, LGBT+ student, disabled student, or person of colour, the Network will hold meetings where you can share your views and help shape how we support you throughout the year.

What is the Liberation Network? 

The Liberation Network is a group of student volunteers who take part in activities and work together as a team to break down barriers that students from liberation groups face at University. 

Why do we use the word ‘Liberation’? 

We have a diverse range of students at Surrey all coming from different backgrounds and identifying with different groups.  We call these groups Liberation Groups because they each face different forms of oppression.  Liberation is the word used for these groups because they need to be liberated or freed from the structures which make it more difficult for them to be successful.

Who can join the Liberation Network? 

The Network is open to any student, whether you identify with a Liberation group or you want to find out more about the issues faced by these groups and join a team of like-minded people to make change on campus.   

Who oversees the Liberation Network? 

The Voice Zone is the Zone at the Union for students who have something to say, and we oversee the Liberation Network because we feel passionately about the issues facing students from Liberation backgrounds.  The long term aim of the Network is to be self-managing, with its own leadership structure. 

Who is included in ‘Liberation Groups’

Liberation can include but is not limited to: 

  • Students from a non-uk background 
  • Ethnic minorities 
  • Black students 
  • Women 
  • LGBT+ students 
  • Disabled students 
  • Students from low income backgrounds

At Surrey, we recognise that we all have a variety of factors that feed into our identity and that many students will be part of several Liberation groups at the same time, the Liberation Network aims to recognise and celebrate difference in a positive way. 

If I joined the network, what would I be doing?

As a Liberation Network volunteer, you would meet a wide range of students and work as part of a team hosting events, running campaigns and helping the Network to break down barriers at University. 

If the Liberation Network interests you and you’d like to find out more information please sign up here, and a member of the team will be in touch: Click here

Our volunteers

Meet John, one of our Liberation Network volunteers.