Make Your Change

This October, we’re asking all students to vote on the SU’s next big campaign.

Earlier this month, we asked what the big issues are for you studying at Surrey – and each Students’ Union Zone took the opportunity to highlight their work and ask you what you would like to see change. 

Now, we’re asking all students to vote on which issue you think we should be prioritising this year. The most popular idea you choose will become a new campaign with events and activities throughout the year that we’ll run alongside volunteers from across the University. 

If you’re passionate about making Surrey better together, let us know which of these ideas you want the Students’ Union to focus on most.

Voting closes 22nd October.

Shortlisted Ideas

Women’s Safety On Campus – Ensuring women feel safe on campus, day or night

Fighting Inequality – Campaigning for an equal Surrey community, breaking down barriers some students face to an inclusive student experience.

De-stigmatization of mental wellbeing – Highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing and enabling all sectors of the student community to seek support for mental health issues

Accessibility for all – Campaigning to improve accessibility to the full student experience, especially for neurodiverse students and people with disabilities.

Sustainable Surrey – Campaigning for a greener campus and wider community, with a focus on making everyone aware of environmental, social, and wellbeing issues.