Make Your Change

Each October, we ask all students to vote on the SU’s next big campaign.

‘Make Your Change’ is your opportunity to tell us how you want to make a difference and where your Union should focus its attention.  We represent all students and it’s more important than ever that we all work together towards a shared goal.   

Tell us the issues that matter most to you, and if your idea comes out on top, you can be part of making the change.  

If you’re passionate about making Surrey better together, let us know which of these ideas you want the Students’ Union to focus on most.

Make Your Change’ will open soon.

Last year’s campaign

Last year Women’s Safety on Campus was the winning campaign receiving 53.1% of votes. Once decided, each of the Union’s Zone Committees (Voice, Activity, Support & Community) began to work on improving women’s safety.

Here are some of the changes that have been made since becoming a priority campaign:

  • Bystander Intervention training sessions held.
  • ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme now in Rubix.
  • Training for staff in stalking awareness (SAFFE) and Sexual Violence Liaison Officers so that we can improve the support we provide to students.
  • Improving lighting and CCTV on and around campus.
  • Promotion of the ‘Report & Support’ service.

Submitting Ideas

Students will be invited to submit their ideas to the Union through an online form later on in the year.

Ideas will be shortlisted by the Union officer team and then put to an all student vote.  The winning idea becomes the Union’s priority campaign. 

Last year your ideas included Destigmatisation of Mental Health, Sustainable Surrey and Accessibility for All. 

Voting on the Shortlist

Once the Union officer team have shortlisted your ideas for this year’s Make Your Change, look out for your voting email or visit our  Make Your Change Voting Page and let us know which idea you want as your Union’s leading campaign for the year from options available.