​​Academic Integrity  Interview or Formal Discussion

Why have I been accused of plagiarism?

The marker of your work or the exam invigilator has identified a cause of concern, most commonly related to the way you have referenced.

The marker and your department's 'Academic Integrity Officer' want to discuss their concerns with you and give you the chance to explain.

They might decide you need to attend a further meeting – an Academic Misconduct Panel which could result in penalties

IMPORTANT, If you have taken unauthorised materials or devices into an exam (such as notes, a mobile phone or smart watch), your case will be sent straight to panel. If you have received a letter inviting you to an Academic Misconduct Panel go to the page called 'I have to attend an Academic Misconduct Panel'​​

What happens at the meeting?

The meeting that you have been invited to is the first stage in the academic integrity process. This discussion is an opportunity for academics to raise the areas of concern with you, and equally, for you to explain how you put your piece of work together.

You can be accompanied by a friend or member of the Students' Union Advice team if you wish.

What do I need to do first?

Read the University Regulations for Academic Integrity. This explains the different stages of the process and what the outcomes of the interview can be.

These can be found on here.

What next?

Remember that you have to be honest with the University.

Read through your Turnitin report and try to think where the problem might be.

If you had 'special circumstances' at the time of submission, you will need to gather your evidence. 'Special Circumstances' and the evidence you will need are defined in the regulations.​

At the meeting you will be asked to explain how you produced your work so look back at sources you used and gather any notes or draft versions you have for the piece of work to be discussed.

Look at the SPLASH webpage to help you understand more about plagiarism and how to avoid it - https://www.surrey.ac.uk/academic-skills-and-development

What can the outcome be?

Following the discussion, academics can reach one of three outcomes:

  • There is no case to be heard and so your work is marked as normal.

  • Your work contains areas of poor academic practice but can be marked as normal – it is likely that you will receive recommendations to seek support with your academic writing alongside this.

  • That your work may be the product of academic misconduct and so will be referred to an academic misconduct panel. Read more about Academic Misconduct Panels here.

I need further advice:​

You can make an appointment with one of our Academic Advice team. Appointments are for a maximum of 30 minutes, Monday - Friday 10-4pm.

Please email ussu.advice@surrey.ac.uk with the following information:

Name​, Course, Year of study, Details of your case (including your Turnitin Report), What you need advice on, Date and time of your interview

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