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​​​​​​​​Accident Procedure

Although this is not a nice thought, it needs to be mentioned. If you are involved in an accident, follow these simple checklist guidelines and you should find an accident much simpler to deal with:


  • It is important to stay as calm as possible

  • Check that everyone is OK, and call 999 if the emergency services are needed, giving your exact location to avoid delay

  • If anyone has been injured you legally have to call the police

  • When you are involved in a road accident you must stop your vehicle immediately

  • Be careful what you say. Don’t admit fault, liability or apologise. If you admit blame the Union insurance company may refuse any claim made on your behalf

  • Never admit to it being your fault - Don’t lie, just say nothing

  • Take down all the relevant details of the vehicles involved including:

    • Types of vehicles

    • Registration numbers

    • Drivers’ insurance details

    • Names and addresses of drivers and witnesses

    • Check these details yourself

    • Note the time, location (road, area, town, etc.)

Provide the other driver/s with your details

  • Record the details of anyone injured Whether they are a cyclist, pedestrian, driver or passenger:

    • Name and address

    • Telephone number

    • Age

    • Apparent injuries

    • (Note if the driver and any passengers were wearing seat belts)

  • Take a note of where and when the incident happened and the approximate speed of the vehicles. If you have a camera, take some pictures of the accident scene

  • Note down any damage to property (e.g. street lights, signs, bollards, etc.)

  • Make a sketch of the scene. Try to show where vehicles came from, the direction and where they stopped. Show approximate measurements wherever possible. Take photographs where possible

  • If possible contact Lex's Accident Services at the roadside on 0844 879 6000 (24/7)  - they can also provide recovery assistance and advice

  • Call the Students’ Union on 01483 689223 (09.00-16.00hrs) or University Security 01483 682002 (16.00-09.00 hrs) to alert them to the situation. You may also text: 07624 805349 starting the message with ‘BUS’ at any time

  • Can you get home safely in the vehicle? - If not, call the breakdown service number in your vehicle log book

  • If you are ever questioned by the Press never give any comments. Ask them to call the University Press Office on 01483 689314

On Your Return

  • On your return you will need to complete a University Incident & Accident Report Form (available from Union Reception)

  • You will also need to contact Lex Accident Services to report the accident - phone 0844 879 6000 (24/7).

    • Please enter your own contact details and address, repair location as "Guildford" and company name as "University of Surrey Students' Union"

  • Having returned to the University following the accident , you will not be able to drive union vehicles until the insurance company have approved you to do so. They may charge for this which is payable by the driver (this may also involve a retest)

  • In the event of an accident where the driver is shown to be at fault, the hirer will be fined (see section on Fines and complaints​)​​

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