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Phone_Home Keypad

Each vehicle is installed with a hands-free system linked to a 6-digit keypad, similar to the one shown here.

Each number on the keypad corresponds to a fixed phone number, set by the Students' Union.

The numbers are set as follows:
  1. Union Reception (01483 689223)
  2. University Security (01483 682002)
  3. Union Out-of-Hours pager number
  4. Lex Vehicle Technical support and advise (0844 824 8866​)
  5. RAC Breakdown recovery (0800 246 001​)
  6. Open the Barrier at the bottom of 'Union Hill' on route to the Minibus Carpar (barrier open between 7am-7pm Monday-Friday)
By holding buttons 2 & 6 for three seconds, you will call the Emergency Services.

Notes on use of the keypad:
  • The pad will only operate when the vehicle ignition is on
  • To make a call, press and release the button required
  • To answer a call, press and release any button
  • To end a call, press and release the flashing button
  • To increase the call volume (only works during a call), press and hold button 1
  • To decrease the call volume (only works during a call), press and hold buttion 5
  • The unit will iluminate with the vehicle lights

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