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Safe Driving Guide

Here we offer some general points regarding driving Students' Union The vehicles​ Safely.

For information on the Breakdown procedureAccident procedureFault reporting procedure and Theft, etc, procedure, please see the relevent pages.

UK Legislation

All drivers must comply fully at all times with all relevant UK legislation


Drivers must not consume any alcohol or drugs prior to driving. There must also be NO alchohol consumed by any passenger in a vehicle driven under a Small Bus Permits and Car Share such as the Minibus.

Weight limit

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle does not exceed the maximum weight limit of 3500kg. For a guide of how much you can load each seat on The vehicles page. Remember that luggage and kit eats into this allowance!

Using a roof rack with a minibus

It is the driver’s responsibility to check that any items on the roof rack are properly secured with rope or straps. The roof rack max rating is approx. 100kg. Be aware that a bus with a loaded roof rack will handle differently

Driving on Campus

The speed limit on the Campus road is between 5mph and20mph - if the University Security observe you/catch you on camera breaking this speed limit, you will be fined (See Fines and complaints)

Watch your Speed

Drivers must observe speed limits at all times. 

Speed vehicles.gif 
The MAXIMUM speed, which different vehicles may travel at is:
​Road TypeCar9 seat MPV, 9 seat Van, VanMinibus​Whilst Towing​
​Built-up area (e.g. residential) 30mph 30mph30mph30mph
Single carriageway (e.g. 'A' roads)​ ​60mph50mph50mph50mph
​Dual carriageway (e.g. A3, A31) ​70mph60mph60mph60mph

Also remember that Minibus and Towing vehicles cannot travel in the fastest (overtaking) lane of a three or four lane motorway.


It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the passenger limit is not exceeded (one passenger per seat), and to inform the passengers that they must behave in a responsible manner

Seat belts

It is the driver’s responsibility to inform all passengers that they must wear seat belts. The driver must check that all passengers are wearing these, and should not start the bus until all the passengers have!


The driver has the right to ask any passenger not complying with this to leave the bus. However, if the police stop a vehicle, and passengers are found not to be wearing seat belts, the passengers will be held individually responsible and will be charged by the police

Safe loading

Any equipment carried in a minibus must be securely fastened, so that it will not cause any injuries if, for example, the Driver braked suddenly


No Driver should drive stints of

  •  more than 2 hours without a 15 minute break

  •  more than 4 hours without at least a 1 hour break.

  •  more than 8 hours in any one day (24 hours).This is reduced to 4 hours if the driver is also working or playing sport as well as driving.

Where possible, change to another licensed Driver. Each time drivers change over, this must be logged in the Log Book

Rough Terrain

Minibuses must not be driven through rough, hazardous and unsuitable terrain (e.g. off-road surfaces). Any damage caused, cost of recovery, and cleaning costs incurred will be charged to the hirer (club/society)

Damage to Buses

If the vehicle is damaged whilst in your possession, you need to be aware that costs of the repairs will be charged to the group hiring the bus. These costs may only be refunded at the discretion of the Students' Union Transport Committee. The normal fines procedure will then apply (see Fines and complaints)

Mobile phones

Mobile phones must not be used at all whilst driving union vehicles containing passengers, (failure to comply will result in fines and a disciplinary). Short conversations using a hands free kit will be permitted if no passengers are present. 

It is illegal for the driver of a Minibus to use a mobile phone whilst moving, even with hands free.

Reversing Beeper

These are fitted to all vehicles except the car and must be used at all times except in residential areas after 23.30 and before 07.00 (Engaging reverse gear twice in quick succession will mute the alarm).

Driving Licence

You are strongly advised to take both parts of your driving licence with you if on a long journey in case it becomes necessary to hire another vehicle


This is a very rare occurrence, but one that needs to be mentioned. If a passenger ever displays threatening behaviour to the Driver or any other passengers, you must stop the Minibus as soon as is safely possible (e.g. pull into the hard shoulder on a motorway). It is then the Driver’s decision as to when and whether they think

that it is safe again to continue. This may mean asking the unruly passenger to leave the bus and not continue the journey with the rest of the group. Where possible BEFORE asking a passenger to leave, please call the Students’ Union on 01483 689223 (09.00-16.00hrs) or University Security 01483 682002 (16.00-09.00 hrs) to alert them to the situation and gain advice. If the situation becomes unmanageable, call the police immediately on 999, or if you are on Campus call Security on ext. 3333, or on 01483 683333. On your return to the Campus you will need to complete a University Incident & Accident Report Form (available from reception in the Students’ Union).


A moment’s thought goes a long way towards protecting your vehicle when you park it. Here are a few reminders:

  • Always check the doors are locked and that windows are closed.

  • Make sure that the steering column lock is engaged.

  • Park in a well-lit area at night

  • Don’t leave your key in the ignition even if refuelling or in a locked area (e.g. a garage) If the vehicle has deadlocks or alarm, make sure that they are engaged.

  • Don’t leave valuables on show - lock them in the glove box, or take them with you.​

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