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​​Where can you take 

the SU Vehicles?

United Kingdom

All the vehicles can be driven in the UK.

We strongly recommend​ that all driving is kept to roads in good condition, and where possible, main roads. We do not condone any off-road travel including fields and the sea. Any damage caused, and/or cost of recovery, will be charged to the hirer.​

If you are going to London, please check our Congestion charging page.


Some of the vehicles can go abroad

Mainland Eurpoe

You can take a some of the Students' Union vehicles abroad, but it requires extra planning and preparation.

 Any club or society can book a vehicle for a trip abroad just like any other, but there may be further requirements for the risk-assessment. We also ask that we are given a minimum of two weeks notice for these bookings, to allow for paperwork to be arranged. The cost per mile for abroad is the same as for any trip in the UK (as stated in the Cost of Hiring a Vehicle section. 


Not all our vehicles can go abroad, due to limitations of Small Bus Permits and licences. Therefore only vehicles with 9 seats or less can go abroad, as highlighted:

abroad vehicles.gif

We will ensure the vehicle has the standard items as described in The Vehicles section, as well as extra items required, depending on the countries you plan to visit. 


Our standard kit covers​ France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. It includes:

  • The hire authorisation form

  • MOT certificate (if the vehicle is greater than three years old)

  • European RAC breakdown cover

  • Beam diverters (to be fitted by the hirer for bad-weather and night driving)

  • Spare Bulbs & Fuses

  • A drivers side, and passengers side spare windscreen wiper

  • 2 Single use breathalysers

  • A Hi-Vis jacket for each person

The Union Reception will ensure this kit is already in the vehicle, or given to the driver, before departure.


You need to ensure:

  • At least two Union drivers per vehicle

  • Full driving licence per driver (both card and paper counterpart)

  • Everyone has a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (if eligible)

  • Everyone has a valid passport (& visa for each country, if applicable) 

  • Cash for toll roads and on-the-spot fines

Please also familerise yourself with local road laws. For instance, right-of-way can vary on roundabouts, drink-drive limits can be lower, different colour lights can mean stop, speed limits are different (and in Km/h), oh, and you don't drive on the left. Guidance can be found at​​

The AllStar fuel cards will not work abroad, therefore you will need to pay for all fuel and reclaim this upon your return. VAT receipts will need to be kept or we will deduct VAT from your reimbursement.

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