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​​​Maintenance Details - Staff only

As the vehicles are on Contract Hire (lease) from Lex Autolease, there is a team we can contact to get problems fixed. They should be able to deal with most issues, but there will be some which will have to be dealt with by us.

The vehicles should be maintained as per the Maintenance Schedule

If you want Vehicle Technical support and advice, call:
0844 824 8866

To book a vehicle's 8 week inspection 
Phone Lex Service Management number: 0844 824 0707​ and specify that the vehicle is due for inspection.
This will include collection and return, shouldn't take more than one day, and we should receive the inspection report for our records.
To book a vehicle for its annual service, either;
Phone Lex Service Management number: 0844 824 0707 and quote the vehicle registration. We should receive service reminders as they are required. A courtesy vehicle should be requested if required, however we need to insure this vehicle at our own cost.

Every service should include:


  • Priority bookings
  • Free collection and delivery from your work or home if required
  • Free wash and vacuum after every service
  • Free courtesy car (subject to five working days notice)
  • A professional and quality service
  • Details of all repairs carried out to your vehicle provided for you
If work is required on the vehicle, Lex should authorise it, and be charged direct. If we need to pay, because the damage was caused by an action of our driver, we may need to do an insurance claim, or at least a Purchase Order.

Kwik Fit are the preferred supplier, and tyres should be paid for by Lex (not us!). It is possible to get Kwik Fit mobile to come to our carpark - phone Lex on 0800 028 2848

These are not included in the agreement with Lex, and due to the high expense, they are likely an insurance claim. Check with the Finance Manager to whether we have the money to replace or repair the screen (new screens are about £1800, but we will only pay the £250 insurance excess plus VAT (~£360). If via insurance, call QBE's (or insurance company) helpline on: 0800 389 1708, and select windscreens (be sure to specify fitting in our carpark).
If it is not through insurance, Lex will recommend a local company if we call them on 0800 028 2848 (fitting in our carpark is available).
​A purchase order will be required for all glass replacements.

If a vehicle requires cleaning due to mis-use please contact Perfect Valet on 07970 490980 or
Mini-Valet: £50+VAT
Full Valet: £100+VAT
These charges should be charged direct to club at fault.
Breakdown Rescue
Cover is provided by the RAC via Lex. We contact the RAC direct on 0800 246 001. Guidance is given to students on the Breakdown procedure page.

They will provide:
Roadside Rescue - They will attempt repair, and if they cannot, recover the vehicle to the nearest Lex approved garage.
Recovery Service - If the vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, or local garage, they will take the vehicle anywhere on the UK mainland. We require the vehicle to be recovered to our local garage, Grays. The RAC will provide a replacement vehicle within two hours, to carry the same number of passengers. The stranded group should specify the number of passengers and number of Union drivers present. If this service cannot be fulfilled, all passengers will be returned to the Union.
At Home - Road rescue cover is included as above

Authorisation for Abroad Travel
We have to apply for a European Travel Pack from the RAC, which will include a VE103 (vehicle on hire) form. This enables us to take the vehicle out of the country. They require:
  • ​14 days notice
  • Registration number
  • Exact dates vehicle will be out of country
  • Countries to be visited
  • Name and home address of main driver
  • Name of second driver (one of the two named drivers must be present in the vehicle, however any other insured driver can drive)
Extra items required, and steps to be taken can be found on the Going Abroad page. Going abroad packs are kept in the committee room minibus cupboard.
The students will also need to be given a letter or authorisation from the Director, an insurance certificate (reception minibus folders) and the RAC pack which will either be posted to us or direct to them.

Road Tax
Tax discs should be arranged by Lex and will be delivered before the expiry date. It is our responsibility​ to ensure they are displayed. If we do not receive the disc, we can phone Lex fleet administration on 0844 824 0707

These are booked the same as a service, and we must MOT the two minibuses each year from new, and the rest of the fleet from 3 years old.

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