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​​​Towing a trailer​ FAQ

​​​​A number of the Union Vehicles are fitted with tow bars (The vehicles). The Maximum Allowed Mass of the trailer for each type of vehicle are shown below. These figures are for braked trailers only, and the figures for unbraked trailers are available on request (they are shown on the vehicles V5).

Do I need a special Licence to tow?
Very possibly. Please follow the flowchart below: (You will need to know the MAM of the trailer you wish to tow; Here is a list of Union Trailer details)
Towing B+E requirements.gif 
The vehicles we operate with tow bars are highlighted below:
Towing vehicles.gif 
 Their respective weights are:
​Vehicle Class ​GVM ​Unladen Weight ​Gross Train Weight (cannot be exceeded) ​Maximum trailer MAM with only B licence
Maximum trailer MAM with a B+E licence​
​Car (Focus) 2.05 tonnes​ 1.421 tonnes​ 3.55 tonnes​ 1.42 ton​​nes​ 1.5 tonnes​
​9 seat MPV (MWB Transit) ​3.025 tonnes 2.043 tonnes​ 5.225 tonnes​ 750Kg 2.2 tonnes​
​9 seat Van (LWB Transit) ​3.5 tonnes ​2.059 tonnes 5.5 tonnes​ ​750Kg 2.0 tonnes

Do I need the Union's permission to tow on their vehicles?
Yes. We will only allow people to tow on our vehicles if they have had specific training on how to do so.

There are three ways to gain our permission to tow. You can:
  1. ​have passed a 'Union Trailer test' (no longer offered) (Trailer Test Syllabus)
  2. have taken a specific DVLA trailer test, i.e. a B+E test, when you didn't get +E when you got your car licence (post 1997 licence)
  3. have undertaken a 1/2 day trailer familiarisation with a driving instructor. For example, with Storm Towing​ (cost could be fundable via a club budget request)
If you have done one of these three things, let us know by emailing and we will update our database.

Please remember, the hirer (e.g. the club/society) is liable for any costs incurred resulting from the hire. For example, insurance excesses​, parking tickets, cleaning costs, etc

Please also read our safe driving guide, as there are some driving restrictions when towing.

Where do I find a trailer plate for the vehicle?
You should find an extra rear number plate for each vehicle with a tow bar in the passenger door compartment. We ask that you remember to return the number plate to this location after each use.

Can I tow a Union trailer, or for a Union club/society, on my own car?
Yes, but you must comply with all the above, including obtaining our permission, and your car must be in good service and with valid insurance.

There is something wrong with the Union owned trailer my club uses
Please let us know! Email and

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