The Activity Zone

For getting involved and supporting your personal development

Hi Everyone! My name is James Barlow and I am your VP Activity this academic year! My role, along with my part-time officers, is to ensure everyone has the equal opportunity to get involved with activity here at Surrey.

I am keen to run a number of campaigns throughout the year with the focus to increase participation levels as well as help students understand how their involvement in extracurricular activities can positively contribute to their employability. If you have any questions or projects you want to work on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What is the Activity Zone?

The Activity Zone is made up of five Part Time Officers and led by the full time VP and together they deliver a number of campaigns to help promote student involvement with activities, and they benefit they bring to personal development. 

Throughout the year the zone will run a number of employable me activities, which are there to help students understand how getting involved increases their employability. The zone will also make sure clubs and societies are equipped to look after their members through support and training, alongside making sure members and committees have the best experience. 

The Activity Zone will work closely with community on many of the showcase events, which celebrate clubs and societies! 

Your Elected Officers

Diana Dakik – Team Surrey Chair

Pulkit Juneja – Surrey Societies Chair

Amy Cameron-Potter

Hi everyone! My name is Amy and I’m a final year Maths student. I’m also the Treasurer of Netball and a member of Snowsports, alongside my role as a PTO. I’ve always loved being active and playing sports, so joining sports clubs at university was a no-brainer for me. Trying activities like skiing for the first time was scary but I really enjoy it so I highly encourage you to join any clubs you’ve always wanted to or considered! 

I chose to run in Surrey Decides because there’s always been aspects of joining a sport that I felt could be improved upon and I wanted to be able to make those happen. A big issue I always faced was finding the funds to be able to participate, and I know that financial issues are extremely common amongst students. I didn’t want finances to be a reason a student couldn’t participate in a sport they loved, so I created a Payment Plan scheme (which was my main manifesto point) to allow students to stagger payments to make it easier for them to manage their own funds. This year I also want to highlight the mental health issues many people face in sports. Mental health is something I have always struggled with and I’ve always been overly critical of my sporting performances, so I want to work with the Support Zone to create an event where people can openly talk about the things they’re struggling with and find the best solutions for them. This can be anything from learning new coping techniques, to finding a service such as Nightline to use. I also want to use what we learnt during Covid times and continue to run more virtual events, mainly for those who may not be comfortable in large crowds or at big bar crawls, but really to just allow people to participate in social events at home without the stress of a whole event. 

Working alongside the rest of the Activity Zone team, I hope we can make this year an amazing one and go above and beyond for you all!

Annabel Sheridan

Hi, I’m Annabel and I’m going into my second year studying BMus Music. I am a part of a few clubs and societies including Tennis, Dance, String Orchestra (SSO), Jazz Orchestra (JazzO) and Gospel Choir and I will also be a part of the University orchestra and choir. Outside of university, I teach violin and attend orchestral courses in the holidays. I am looking forward to attending more socials, attending more lectures in-person and helping to improve the student experience by exchanging conversations with the Union and of course, my friends. This year I have stood down as a course representative, having taken on other roles such as the Tennis Play Sport Activator, Gospel and SSO Wellbeing Champion and SSO Treasurer.

I ran in Surrey Decides to be an Activity Zone Officer because I’d like to work with the Union and facilitate more communication between the Club and Society leaders. I’m an advocate for the importance of taking part in activities, big or small, to break up work and life balance, as even small amounts of physical activity have been proven to boost productivity and general wellbeing. I would like anyone to feel welcome to have a chat with me in-person or over social media about any concerns or ideas they have to improve students’ lives on campus. I would like to help promote events to increase participation and share society achievements on social media, particularly on the @surreysocs Instagram, but also through distribute information through fliers and notices on campus. If we can all make an effort to get stuck-in to University life and support our peers, this year has the potential to be great.

Eimantas Budrys

Join Our Meetings

All of our student-related meetings at the SU are open to any members by default (although there may be times that we need to meet in private to discuss sensitive or confidential matters). If you’d like to join us at a Activity Zone meeting, here’s when they’re next scheduled:

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